*UNLOCKED* CS 019: Intellectual Ratchetry feat. @HenriettaSnacks (07/30/2017)

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Doc Ock (@HenriettaSnacks on Twitter) joins me today and we talk about the group of people in media and online who we refer to as Representation Matters Twitter and some of their favorite shows and movies, like Dope, Moonlight, and Insecure.

Article and Video Mentioned:

I’ve Been Insecure About Not Loving ‘Insecure’, But I Realize It’s So Much More Than That by Ezinne Ukoha  https://medium.com/@nilegirl/ive-been-insecure-about-not-loving-insecure-but-i-realize-it-s-so-much-more-than-that-a2acb15c59a8

Yvette Carnell on Issa Rae: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0N7nmXrg0xY