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CS 030: Chamoane Sharks (09/10/2017)

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D. Mills (, Mike (, and I discuss Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened?”, some funny meltdowns among the cult of diehard Hillary supporters including Joy Reid, and discuss Peter Daou and his new support group website for Hillaryites, Verrit.

Discussed in this episode:

Preview of CS 025: Mayweather vs. McGregor (08/27/2017)

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D, Mike, and I start off discussing last night’s Mayweather vs. McGregor fight and the conversation ends up going to some interesting places.
Mentioned in this episode:

Johnny Knoxville twitter thread and the meme response
“Joe Louis and Jack Johnson” by CLR James (it turns out JR Johnson was a pen name of CLR James, leading to the confusion in this episode when I can’t figure out why both names appear attached to the article).
“Why The Elites Always Rule” by Hugo Drochon…es-always-rule
The Mind and Society Vol. 1 by Vilfredo Pareto
Malcolm X on Liberals and Conservatives, #Clip 1: 2:

CS 014: Shame, Guilt, Nigger, Race Science

Books challenging genetic determinism mentioned in this episode:

Preview Clip of Bonus Episode CS 011: Punch Drunk Hate (07/03/2017)

Discussion topics today include the new Jay-Z album (barely), the cancellation of the Carmichael Show, and the upcoming Mayweather vs. MacGregor fight and the racial politics behind it. Milestone episode, no technical difficulties.

CS 009 Preview: Interracial Dating and Staged Authenticity (06/28/2017)

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After a bunch of technical difficulties and delays, I finally bought a new laptop and this is the first episode using it. So far, so good.

Today we discuss answers to reader questions, including the topics of Black consciousness/liberation, the dynamics of interracial dating in a supposedly post-racial, gentrified landscape, and Twitter Hoteps.

The book The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class by Dean MacCannell is discussed:

CS 007 Preview: Afro-Pessimism feat. Dominick/@FanonsDream (06/18/2017)

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Today I’m joined by fellow Sharks and co-hosts D. Mills (@MDMills79 on Twitter) and Mike (@blackexception1 on Twitter). Our guest is Dominick (@FanonsDream) who schools us on Afro-Pessimism, a particular school of antiracism.

Books and articles cited:

Scenes of Subjection by Saidiya V. Hartman (

Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe by Hortense Spillers (

Gramsci’s Black Marx: Whither the Slave in Civil Society? by Frank Wilderson, III (