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CS 009 Preview: Interracial Dating and Staged Authenticity (06/28/2017)

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After a bunch of technical difficulties and delays, I finally bought a new laptop and this is the first episode using it. So far, so good.

Today we discuss answers to reader questions, including the topics of Black consciousness/liberation, the dynamics of interracial dating in a supposedly post-racial, gentrified landscape, and Twitter Hoteps.

The book The Tourist: A New Theory of the Leisure Class by Dean MacCannell is discussed:

CS 008: Discussing Neely Fuller, Jr. (06/24/2017)

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Today D. Mills (@mdmills79 on twitter) and I discuss lessons we’ve learned from Neely Fuller, White Privilege discourse, the White Ally Industrial Complex, Coffee Creamers, and the formula white allies can follow if they truly want to help black people.

Mentioned in this episode:


CS 007 Preview: Afro-Pessimism feat. Dominick/@FanonsDream (06/18/2017)

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Today I’m joined by fellow Sharks and co-hosts D. Mills (@MDMills79 on Twitter) and Mike (@blackexception1 on Twitter). Our guest is Dominick (@FanonsDream) who schools us on Afro-Pessimism, a particular school of antiracism.

Books and articles cited:

Scenes of Subjection by Saidiya V. Hartman (

Mama’s Baby, Papa’s Maybe by Hortense Spillers (

Gramsci’s Black Marx: Whither the Slave in Civil Society? by Frank Wilderson, III (

CS 006: What Fanon Said feat. Lewis Gordon (06/13/2017)

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Today we discuss the work of Franz Fanon with Dr. Lewis Gordon (@lewgord on Twitter), Professor of Philosophy and Africana Studies, with affiliations in Judaic Studies and Caribbean, Latino/a, and Latin American Studies, at the University of Connecticut at Storrs. His bio can be found at

He is the author of What Fanon Said: A Philosophical Introduction to His Life and Thought ( We talked about the worldview of Fanon and how he still matters today.



Preview of CS 005: The Negrolarity, Not the Singularity feat. Brandon Sutton

This is a short preview from Episode 5, my talk with fellow podcaster Brandon Sutton (@PrettyBadLefty), host of The Discourse, about the happenings of the week, including Hillary renting slaves and the UK election.

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CS 004: Bill Maher and Civility Rights

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This week I discuss Bill Maher using the word nigger, the impotence of black public intellectuals, and the concept of Civility Rights.

Articles discussed include “What Are The Drums Saying, Booker?”
Book discussed briefly is The Image by Daniel Boorstin.

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CS 003: Why I Hate Hamilton The Musical

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My episode all about why I hate Hamilton the Musical. This is a double sized episode clocking in at over two hours, but we’ll be back to 1 hour episodes from this point forward. Since I didn’t post any episodes last week consider this making up for last week’s missed episode.

Update: This is an edited version to fix sound issues that were there previously.

Link to the full notes at:

CS002: Listener Questions 1

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Books and Videos Mentioned:



CS 001: The Black Image in the White Imagination

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T. tests out his newfound audio engineering prowess by recording a solo test episode and answering a listener question about why white people don’t just exterminate black people.