Free Preview of New Patron-Only Feature: CS Movie Night #1: Spook Who Sat By The Door Pt. 1

We have been doing movie nights over on the Champagne Sharks Discord Voice and Chat server and will start doing book club nights over there soon as well. We stream the movies and then do the subsequent discussion over at the Discord voice and chat server. To participate, you will have to become a patron for $5/month over at This first installment will be free for everyone to listen to, but only patrons will be able to hear future installments.

If you are a patron but haven’t figured out how to join the Discord server yet, you simply have to follow these instructions: Participation in the movie and book club night discussions is available to all patrons.

Tonight’s movie was The Spook Who Sat By The Door. You can watch the whole film here:…=TheOriginator100. You can read about the movie here:…y_the_Door_(film)