CS 543: The Future Killers Of Tomorrow pt 1

Today, Trevor and Ken sit down for a special 3 part marathon episode! Delving deep into what the Sharks refer to as ‘Future Killers’, Ken and Trevor examine why no new innovation is being built for the betterment of future life, but rather innovations are just retooling an old and tired package. Dissecting the evolution of Black Conservatism and Liberal ‘shucking and jiving’ as examples of the watering down of our ability to progress, plus taking a raw look at Charlamagnes recent interview with Larry Elder; the Sharks go into deep and dark waters in this three and half hour long conversation.
Link mentioned in this episode: https://youtu.be/6ZGI5rqvC0Y?t=828
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Co-produced & edited by Aaron C. Schroeder / Pierced Ears Recording Co, Seattle WA (www.piercedearsrec.com). Opening theme composed by T. Beaulieu. Closing theme composed by Dustfingaz (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRazhu_)