CS 349: Dr CBS

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This episode is hosted by Vida and Trevor. Today we have Charisse Burden-Stelly. Known as Dr CBS, Charisse is a critical Black Studies scholar of political theory, political economy, intellectual history, and historical sociology. She interrogates the transnational entanglements of U.S. racial capitalism, anticommunism, and antiblack structural racism and examines twentieth-century Black anticapitalist thought with a particular focus on W.E.B. Du Bois and scholar activists in his intellectual community. She is the co-author, with Dr. Gerald Horne, of W.E.B. Du Bois: A Life in American History, and is currently working on a book manuscript tentatively titled Black Scare/Red Scare: Antiblackness, Anticommunism, and the Rise of Capitalism in the United States in which she examines the rise of the United States to global hegemony between World War I and the early Cold War at the intersection of racial capitalism, Wall Street imperialism, anticommunism, and antiblackness. You can learn more about Dr CBS and her work at https://www.charisseburdenstelly.com/

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