CS 345: FOIA

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This episode is hosted by Trevor. Today we have Beth Bourdon and Ken Klippenstein on the show to talk about all things FOIA.  Beth is a public defender as well as Kens FOIA lawyer. You can find more about her at https://www.patreon.com/bethbourdon.  Ken is a self described “Increasingly litigious FOIA nerd” as well as the official winner for “Most Frequent Champagne Sharks Guest”!  In this episode, Trevor, Beth and Ken discuss the pitfalls, hangups and traps set in place by government offices, making access to information from them more difficult and how to best work around them.  They also discuss what the future landscape of FOIA may look like under the new Biden administration. 

Co-produced & edited by Aaron C. Schroeder / Pierced Ears Recording Co, Seattle WA (piercedearsmusic@gmail.com). Opening theme composed by T. Beaulieu. Closing theme composed by Dustfingaz (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRazhu_)