CS 276: The Futureless Now feat. Matt Christman pt. 1

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This episode is hosted by Trevor with special guest cohost Andray Domise. Today we have Matt Christman from the leftist comedy and commentary podcast Chapo Trap House https://www.patreon.com/chapotraphouse/.  We discuss the role of Chapo and the shape of the “New New Left” after Bernie Sanders’ campaign has ended, Matt’s interesting new Cushvlog livestream series on Twitch and Youtube, the pros vs. cons of being online, the alienation and isolation of modern life, capitalism, the 1619 project and the class vs. race debate, what socialism looks like in practice in a postmodern world, Protestantism, and the French Revolution.

Co-produced & edited by Aaron C. Schroeder / Pierced Ears Recording Co, Seattle WA (piercedearsmusic@gmail.com). Opening theme composed by T. Beaulieu. Closing theme composed by Dustfingaz (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRazhu_)