CS 214: #MeToo and Creeps feat. Heidi Matthews Pt. 1 (10/16/2019)

This is part 1 of a two-part episode. Part 1 is free and Part 2 is available only to premium Patreon subscribers who subscribe at a rate of $5/month.  Show notes to this episode are also eventually be available to Patreon subscribers at https://www.patreon.com/posts/30918362.

Professor Heidi Matthews researches and teaches in the areas of international criminal law, the law of war, international legal history and political theory. Her work theorizes contemporary shifts in the practice and discourse of the global legal regulation of political violence, with particular attention to history and gender, as well as political, critical and aesthetic theory.

Today Heidi and I talk about two of her articles, one about whether #MeToo can be deemed a modern sex panic and the other about the concept of creeps and the ways in which being deemed a creep fits into the presumption of being a sexual threat and pariah.

Co-produced & edited by Aaron C. Schroeder / Pierced Ears Recording Co, Seattle WA (piercedearsmusic@gmail.com).