CS 095: Q&A Episode (5/31/2018)

Today I answer a bunch of questions that I have been asked over the past few months. If interested in asking questions, go to https://curiouscat.me/champagnesharks, email us at champagnesharks (at) gmail (d0t) com, or hit us up on twitter @champagnesharks.

Questions answered this episode:

  • I answer follow-up questions about my episode critiquing integration-focused antiracism
  • I play this related video by Ash Sankar a listener sent along https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zA58S8-2oA
  • A question about whether I’m aware of the Swirling Movement and related figures and movements like “black women divest,” “bwgtow,” “Breukelen Bleu,” and “leaving blackistan.”
  • I read a great comment about the white LGTBQ movement and why they increasingly use black lesbians and trans women as the current face of it, in response to my episode about the 4 Black lesbians who were murdered.
  • My opinion on Shonda Rimes
  • My opinion on the idea that every black kid will be supposedly inspired to do great things by the Black Panther movie.
  • To what extent do I think the idea of Black women’s superiority to back men is rooted in an idea that Black women can become white, while Black men can’t?

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