CS 020: The Man-Not feat. Dr. Tommy Curry (07/31/2017)

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Today D. Mills (https://twitter.com/mdmills79) and I talk with Dr. Tommy Curry (https://twitter.com/drtjc) on the need for black male studies in academia and the media. Dr. Curry has also been in the news recently for a controversy he’s been embroiled in thanks to a witch hunt started by conservative white supremacist Rod Dreher. We also go into whether such a thing as Black Patriarchy exists in the black community or if it’s a myth,

Discussion Materials:

Dr. Curry’s book The Man-Not: Race, Class, Genre, and the Dilemmas of Black Manhood http://amzn.to/2wj8YwS

Dr. Curry’s Academia.edu page where you can find his academic papers: http://tamu.academia.edu/TommyCurry

The Chronicle article about the Curry/Dreher/TAMU controvery: http://www.chronicle.com/article/who-s-left-to-defend-tommy/240757?key=f15y8715k1n0EpJg1p9khe9nkj7TkzwTZX8waDzm-XB91giqSV5o9bjJHYi2An7uekdiM0pUNEhUQllnaGszX0dZV3lqMGNsbVlvMzZyaHpPakJvMFNDWW1qbw

Contested Memories: A Critical Analysis of the Black Feminist Revisionist History Project by Valethia Watkins, Ph.D., J.D. http://www.jpanafrican.org/docs/vol9no4/JuneJuly-17-Watkins.pdf