CS 012: Black Girl Magic, Black Boy Tragic (07/08/2017)

My issues with this current trend of Black Girl Magic as a form of activism, and the weird political earth-mother intersectional blerd cult that seems to have arisen around this trend, especially on Twitter.

Articles and twitter threads mentioned:

Who Gets to Own “Black Girl Magic” by Clover Hope: http://jezebel.com/who-gets-to-own-black-girl-magic-1793924053

Black Like Mao by Robin D.G. Kelley http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ccbh/souls/vol1no4/vol1num4art1.pdf

Luvvie thread: https://twitter.com/Luvvie/status/854755202238476288

Black PhD’s thread: https://twitter.com/prof_carrington/status/854728891524567040

Thread of Black woman pseudo-worship: https://twitter.com/RickyRawls/status/882719599300685824

Skateboarder and the Black Women thread: https://twitter.com/koopa_kinte/status/865269838700199936

My twitter thread on Black Girl Magic and how it unwittingly plays into the Magical Negro and Mammy stereotypes: https://twitter.com/RickyRawls/status/883681773875601408